Help Send a Kid to Camp

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Consider a “Send a Kid to 4-H Camp” Donation

Give the gift of lifetime memories by donating to Mecklenburg County 4-H’s “Send a Kid to 4-H Camp” fund.

Camp – A World of Good for our Youth! If you are wondering about the the real difference your donation could make…
Consider this, “The American Camping Association (the accreditation body for over 2,200 camps nationwide) is completing a three-year research project to more fully determine the value of a camping experience in the life of a child. This study has encompassed 100 randomly selected camps from across the country. Preliminary results of this study indicate that a week at camp can provide many anticipated positive outcomes for a child:
  • Social competency
  • Increased self-identity
  • Increased positive values
  • Gained cognitive skills
  • Participation in adventuresome outdoor activities
  • Learned motor skills
  • Learned from adult role models
  • Served or helped others
  • Spiritual growth
To learn more, specifically about the NC 4-H Residential Camping program visit: 4-H Camp rocks!!!

For more than 80 years, 4-H camping has taught youth valuable life skills through camping, youth have been able to travel across the state and make life long friends. While this is a great experience, the greatest challenge for most youth who wish to attend camp is the cost. The cost is out of reach for many families. There are many costs associated with camp, and every effort is made to make fees as low as they can be. Many youth are able to attend camp through the generous donations of sponsors like yourself. Please help Send-a-Kid-To-Camp this summer by simply completing and returning the form below.

4-H Camp Sponsor Form