Cooking for Health: Starting With the Basics

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It is no secret that America’s passion for food is ever-increasing. With the creation of television networks and culinary celebrities, Americans have more access to culinary expertise than ever before. Various reports cite Americans turn away from home cooked meals and towards convenient, fast food as the culprit for rising obesity and diabetes rates.

A recent study conducted by the Smith, Ng and Popkin indicate that Americans across all socioeconomic groups are cooking less. Often researchers assume that if citizens have access to fresh, whole and nutritious food, that they also have the skills to prepare it. Access to healthy food is a complex issue unto itself, which is and continues to be addressed by many agencies. Your local Cooperative Extension Service can provide resources for locating local food resources in your community as well.

Cooking competencies are a key component in understanding, creating and sustaining healthy lifestyle choices. Here at N.C. Cooperative Extension, we are committed to helping citizens learn ways to increase cooking skill levels for preparing healthy meals. To further address this issue, we are introducing Cooking for Health, an educational outreach to help citizens learn basic cooking skills. In newsletters and updates to come, you will receive practical and applicable skills to apply to your dietary routine.

But, first things first…we need to properly stock our kitchen with the right tools. To get you started, take a look at this great video by Tara Carr, Family & Nutrition Associate at NC State University as she shares ways to properly stock your kitchen.