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4-H Volunteer Opportunities & Involvement

4-H Volunteers Make a World of DifferenceWelcome!

We appreciate your interest in using your skills to serve our 4-H youth of Mecklenburg County. Volunteering is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself and your community! Below we have listed our ongoing opportunities as well as curent/time specific 4-H volunteer opportunities. For more information and details as to which volunteer opportunity will best suit you please contact 4-H Program Assistant, Catherine Daniels at or by phone: (704) 353-0740.

ATTENTION: New, current, and/or interested 4-H volunteers!
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Be A 4-H Volunteer

Mecklenburg County 4-H Volunteer Application & Background Check
4-H Volunteer Media Release

Ongoing 4-H Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. 4-H Club Leader/Co-Leader or Club Helper
  • Traditional 4-H Programming Volunteer
    >  Formal 4-H Club setting
  1. 4-H STEM Curriculum/Programming Volunteer
  • Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation 4-H Programming Assistant
    >  Assist with use of 4-H curriculum within local recreation centers
  • 4-H Focus Area(s), Guest Speaker, & Summer Volunteers
    >  Financial Literacy, Embryology, Gardening, Shooting Sports, etc.
  1. Individually Tailored 4-H Volunteer Experiences
  • Service Learning for Students
    >  Short-term 4-H volunteerism opportunities for course credit
    >  Short-term 4-H volunteerism opportunities for community service
  • Episodic Volunteer
    >  One-time or short-term 4-H volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule

Current/Time Specific Opportunities:

  • 4-H Summer Fun
  • 4-H Camping: Summer Residential Camp Chaperone
  • 4-H State, Regional, & District Events: Chaperones
  • 4-H Partnership with Meck. County Fire & Life Education Safety Bowl
  • 4-H Partnership with North Carolina State Fire & Life Safety Education Bowl
  • 4-H Partnership with Mecklenburg County Safe Kids Coalition
  • 4-H Curriculum Training Assistance
  • 4-H Data Entry & Administrative Assistance
  • 4-H Kids in Need Foundation Donation Organization
  • 4-H County Advisory Council