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Healthy Relationship & Parenting Education Program

10156703466_0303444ea0_zSo what are the secrets to happy and healthy relationships? The fact is…there are no secrets! Research shows simple acts of kindness, connecting with your partner on a daily basis, managing stress, working through conflict in healthy ways, and remaining committed to making the relationship work are essential components to a healthy relationship and marriage. These are skills that individuals and couples can learn and apply. But, for many couples, models of these relationship skills may not exist. They need someone who is trained and that they trust to teach them.

Research shows that children are happier and healthier when the adults in their lives have healthy relationships— whether married or not. By passing on information about healthy relationships and marriage, you’ll be helping the adults you work with make healthier choices. Healthy couple relationships often spill over into healthy parent-child relationships. Now that is good for children!

During the Healthy Relationship & Parenting Enrichment trainings, participants learn to:

  • Care for Self – Be physically and mentally healthy
  • Choose – Make intentional relationship choices
  • Know – Get to know your partner well
  • Care – Show affection and respect
  • Share – Develop and maintain your friendship
  • Manage – Deal with differences in healthy ways
  • Connect – Engage a positive social network

Organizations requesting presentations included in the Healthy Relationship & Parenting Education Program (HRPEP) must complete a general organizational questionnaire to assess program needs.

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