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4-H Embryology Program


Welcome to Mecklenburg County’s 4-H Embryology Program Page!


ncsu embryology_clip_image0011On this page you can expect to find:

Fall/Spring Hatching Sessions in Schools
Hatching School Enrichment Curriculum Information
Teacher Training Tools
Embryology Resources
Egg Vendor Information

*We appreciate your patience as we work to get this page completed to serve you. In the meantime if you have any specific questions you may contact, Catherine Daniels at or by phone at 704-353-0740.


4-H Embryology – Hatching Quail Resource Guide
This is a guide we created just for teachers! Many find this helpful to print and have posted near their incubator for their reference. If you are not able to print anything else, consider printing this resource. However, we have provided it online so you can refer back to it here as well.

NC Wildlife Gamebird Propagation License Application for Quail
One application MUST be filled out per school to hatch quail. It is suggested that the single teacher and/or lead teacher be the designated teacher responsible for applying and obtaining the license to propagate PRIOR to requesting eggs for embryology.

Bobwhite Quail Embryo Development Poster
Please note that we are using the Coturnix breed of quail – they only have an incubation period of sixteen days. The poster still serves as a helpful guide as to what is occuring throughout the hatching cycle just on a slightly different time frame. Refer to this guide for candling help as well.

Embryology Daily Record Sheet for Coturnix Quail