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Know to Grow Online – Free Gardening Class Series

Know to Grow logoWe are happy to present to you our Know to Grow – Online garden class series. We will be providing new classes weekly to help with all of your Horticulture learning needs. Be sure to complete the free registration for any classes that you are interested in.

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Important Notes about the classes

  • Our classes are provided via Zoom.
    • You can participate in the class via most desktops, tablets & phones.
    • The speaker portion of the class will be recorded for future viewing as well.
    • Web Cameras are not required as they will be disabled.
    • I recommend you click on the link to join the class at least 15min prior to the class starting to allow any software to install.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at

Upcoming Classes

DIY Landscape Assistance

In this unique class. I will be going over where to find various tools and materials you may need for your DIY landscape project on a budget.

Need a lot of compost? We know where to get it!
Don’t know what tools you need? We will help you pick the right ones!
Want free wood chips? We know how to get them!

We will also be going over the work involved with various projects to help you determine if it is something you are willing to take on yourself!


Basics of Irrigation Systems – Homeowner Edition

In this class, we will go over the basic types of irrigation systems and how they operate.

  • Thursday, May 22nd noon – 1 p.m.

Restoring Nature’s Balance

We have destroyed our natural habitat in so many places that local extinction is rampant and global extinction accelerating. This is a growing problem for humanity because it is the plants and animals around us that produce the life support we all depend on. Through Dr. Doug Tallamy’s research, we will learn how our private properties are an opportunity for long-term conservation if we design them to meet the needs of the life around us. Plants accomplish these goals so we must dedicate diverse native plantings of woody and herbaceous species. Come and learn how to restore nature’s balance.

  • Tuesday, May 26th noon – 1 p.m.

DIY Landscape Assistance 2 – Power Tools

In this unique class. I will be going over where to find various tools and power equipment you may need for your DIY landscape project.

  • Thursday, May 28th noon – 1 p.m.

Past Classes

Please be aware these classes are recorded in raw form and have not been edited to provide you with classes quickly during this time. Professionally developed videos will be provided at a later time.

Introduction to Gardening

  • If you are interested in gardening but don’t know where to start, this class is for you. We will be going over soil, vegetables, flowers & anything else you would like to learn about.
  • Class Video Link

Composting A to Z 

Introduction to Backyard Chickens 

Container Gardening

Veggie Guide: When & How to grow your own food

Good Bug Bad Bug

hIn this class, we will go over how to control bad bugs in your gardens and how to identify good bugs

Growing Grass in South Central NC

We will be discussing how to establish a lawn as well as common issues that you may run into.

Weedy Wednesday: Know Your Weeds

  • What’s that growing in your lawn (or garden)? How do you know it’s a weed? How can you control it? We’ll offer common weed identification and management tips. 

Easy Ways to Propagate Plants at Home
  • Propagating plants can expand your garden, increase the variety of what you have, and save money. And it’s fun! We’ll show you the best methods of propagating specific plants in your garden and landscape.

Easy Steps for Construction Raised Beds

  • Learn how to build raised beds out of many different materials. Handy or not, there are all sorts of ways to get your Raised garden bed started.
    • The recording was not available, however, the class will be repeated at a later date.

Horticulture Questions Open Forum May 13th

This is your chance! During this forum, you are welcome to ask experts all of your horticulture questions. You do not need to stay for the whole time of the meeting. You can attend as long as you would like or to get your questions answered.

Edible Landscapes: Growing Figs, Blackberries and other edibles

Looking to grow your own food but don’t want to start a vegetable garden? This class is for you. Learn how and what to plant to obtain food from your yard.

Houseplants: Success is Possible!

I talk about the history of some of the most common houseplants, the houseplant industry, light requirements, pests, pots, life expectations, show some samples of low-maintenance choices for the average home.

Class presented by Donna T – N.C. Cooperative Extension – Burke County Center